About the program

Kenya Young Game Developers and Animators Incubator Program is a transformative initiative supported by the Creation Africa project, an initiative of the French Government to support the cultural and creative industries in Africa.

The project is being implemented in Kenya by the French Embassy in partnership with the Alliance Française de Nairobi. The Creation Africa – Kenya project is aligned with the Kenyan Government’s Talanta Hela initiative to boost the creative economy sector.

The Kenyan and French Governments recognize that the cultural and creative sectors are important drivers of economic growth and job creation and that these sectors play an important role in enhancing entrepreneurial and innovative impact.

The Creation Africa-Kenya project seeks to provide professional development and technical support to creatives working in the digital eco-system. The project aims to:

  • Strengthen entrepreneurial and technical skills through trainings
  • Accompany creatives in the development and realization of innovative projects
  • Promote creativity in cinema, music and performing arts sectors by supporting artists and performing spaces with grants

In partnership with the Alliance Française de Nairobi, the Nairobi Game Development Centre will manage the Kenya Young Game Developers and Animators Incubator programme providing an ecosystem of technical know-how and creative mentorship including funding and relevant support to enable the creatives to develop their projects to their highest potential.

By selecting five local projects led by Kenyan youth, the program will go beyond funding, providing comprehensive mentoring and support within the dynamic environment of the Nairobi Game Development Center.

These projects, poised to make a lasting impact, will receive immersive, six-month engagement, blending technical expertise with creative mentorship. From the initial kick-off to the showcase event, the Kenya Young Game Developers & Animators Incubator Program ensures that each project utilizes available resources, knowledge, and collaborative opportunities. The program is backed by a commitment to empowering youth, 1 million Kenya Shillings funding per project, access to quality hardware and seasoned industry professionals to offer invaluable insights

Application Deadline: December 15, 2023

Eligibility Criteria

  • Project Eligibility-The incubation is only open for Kenyan citizens below 30 years old with Digital Game development or animation projects that are currently in progress with a clear and feasible plan for development and production that will be finished and/or have a clear presentable milestone by the July showcase.
  • Commitment– Participants must commit to the full duration of the program, which runs from January 15 to July 15, 2024. Full-time dedication to project development during the incubation period is expected.
  • Team Eligibility– Projects can be organized in teams of 1 – 4 people. The monthly stipend of 167,000ksh is per team not per individual.
  • Residency-Participants must reside in Nairobi or its environs during the program. Physical presence at the Nairobi Game Development Center at least two days per week is required to encourage collaboration between teams and provide access to resources.

Application Process

  1. Project Proposal (500 Words): Submit a comprehensive description outlining your project. Address the following key points: Project Overview, Target audience, Unique selling points, Anticipated impact, Detailed plan for development and production in the next 6 months, How your project aligns with the goals of the program? How far have you gotten so far? What are the main challenges you expect to face to complete your project?
  2. Video Submission (2 Minutes): Create a 1-minute video introducing yourself and your project. Clearly articulate why your project should be selected for the incubation program. Showcase your passion, creativity, and the potential impact of your project. Provide insights into how you and your team are well-suited for the program.
  3. Images Submission (2+ Images): Screenshots or work-in-progress sketches from your project showing how far you have gotten already.

Please fill out the application form by December 15, 2023. Click here to access the form. 

Key Dates

  • Request for proposals– December 1, 2023
  • Proposal Submission – December 15, 2023
  • Shortlisted Projects Announcement and Contact – December 31, 2023
  • Successful Projects Announcement and Contact – January 7, 2024
  • Program Kick-off – January 15, 2024
  • Showcase Event – July 12, 2024