Everyone has a favorite game that they play on their device of choice, be it a mobile phone, PC, or console. Video games offer relief, educate, inform and entertain. Continuous gaming develops into a greater passion that goes beyond playing games. Eventually, you might be an inspiration to turn your passion into an actual career in game design.


However, the gaming industry might look like a black box, with no way to break inside. Not to worry, all you need is to take the first step through the door, and everything else will fall in place. You see, a career in game design offers the perfect opportunity way to use both creativity and technical skills in the entertainment industry. You get to use your passion for gaming to earn a living. On the flip side, you can take the “Gaming for Good’ angle like us here at Usiku Games, and use your game design skills to create video games with a positive social impact.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in the gaming industry as a game designer, it is time you know what you should expect from this career. In this video by Game Makers Toolkit, one of our favorite game design channels, they offer a brilliant breakdown of how game design is managed in different environments. We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your career in game design.