Kenya's home for game developers

A community-focused co-working space for Nairobi game developers.


Nairobi GDC is a community-focused co-working space for game developers in Nairobi.

Whether you are an established gaming studio looking for a new home, an indie developer looking for a place to code or a student who’s just starting out in the craft of making games, The Nairobi Game Development Center is the place for you!

Equipped and ready for you

Our Amenities

Nairobi GDC offers flexible co-working solutions and offices for teams and studios as well as a community lunch area and event space, meeting rooms and even a sauna! We’ll also be providing game development specific functions like a game room, sound studio, focus testing, VR lab and more.

Nairobi's home for developing Mobile Games / PC Games / Console Games

A community-focused co-working space for game developers

Learn and Grow

What We Offer

We want everyone who identifies as a game developer or who just wants to be part of our community to be able to use Nairobi Game Development Center as their workspace. Here you can do what you love together with people who love what you do, learn new things and make new friends from the awesome game development community.

Our Space

The Nairobi Game Development Center, the new home of Kenya’s budding Gaming Industry is located on top of Diamond Plaza 1 in the heart of Parklands. You’ll have a view of the whole city to inspire your next game. We’re easy to reach by public transport from early until late. Diamond Plaza is surrounded by ample parking, affordable eating places for lunch, high end restaurants for investor meetings, supermarkets, a Java House, movie cinemas and entertainment spots. All just 15 minutes from the CBD

Enjoy fast, reliable WiFi, comfortable and practical working zones and even free office supplies and equipment, when you work at The Nairobi Game Development Center.

Join Us

Early Access

Are you a trailblazer ready to grow the gaming industry across the continent? Become a founding member of Nairobi GDC and make your mark.

  1. Stop coding in your bedroom and move in to an actual office space that promotes productivity
  2. Connect & Learn from the community
  3. Focused but Fun environment so you can actually ship!
  4. Coffee, Beer on Tap and Sofas - Can you really ask for more??